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Although there are ways to treat drug and alcohol abuse, it's easier to work at preventing an addiction from happening. Individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have to undergo weeks and months of rehabs to become clean. Even after they achieve sobriety, addicts still have to continuously be on guard for a relapse. At rehabs in can help you focus is on both prevention and rehabilitation. Preventing a disease is always easier than curing it.

Addiction Is a Disease

Like cancer and diabetes, addiction is a complex disease. Despite years of research, scientists have no way to determine which individual will become addicted to drugs. A mixture of environmental and genetic factors all play a role in someone becoming addicted. Drug dependence is more likely among individuals who first tried drugs at a young age. If drugs are used while the mind is still forming in adolescence, it can change the way the brain develops and make the teenager more vulnerable to drug abuse.

Prevention is Key

Education about the effects of drug use and other prevention techniques can reduce the number of teenagers who ultimately try drugs. When prevention fails, early intervention is the next best thing. Intervening during the early stages of drug addiction can help to reduce the severity of withdrawals and increases the chances of successful sobriety. As soon as warning signs of addiction emerge, family and friends should encourage their loved one to get help.

Successful Prevention and Intervention

To effectively prevent drug use or have an intervention, individuals have to be able to relate to the potential addict. They must speak to the addict on a peer-to-peer level in a non-confrontational way. If the person is already addicted to drugs, they may become defensive or angered by a confrontation. Before staging an intervention, family and friends should do their research. Careful research and information can ensure that the intervention goes as planned.

Once an intervention is complete, the drug addict should find a treatment center in Albany that works for them. Each drug rehab center has a different skill level, technique and success rate. The best rehabilitation programs offer customized services for each person. Every addict has a different set of circumstances and problems. Due to this, they need to have a treatment program that matches their exact needs. Ideally, the treatment program should include a detox process, relapse prevention methods and counseling. A support group of friends or other recovered addicts can also help the individual to return to their normal life.

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