What Is Inpatient Drug Treatment and How Can It Benefit You?

Learn more about what is inpatient drug treatment and its many benefits.

For those wondering, "what is inpatient drug treatment"? The inpatient treatment definition is characterized by a residential treatment program which requires individuals to reside in a controlled and medically supervised environment to overcome their addiction. During inpatient drug treatment individuals are provided with around the clock care and support, as well as the resources they need to achieve a successful and long lasting recovery from addiction. Inpatient treatment programs typically last a minimum of 28 days and can last anywhere from three to 12 months. During treatment patients typically are provided with treatment, support, resources, daily activities, nutritious meals, and other amenities. Although the inpatient treatment definition remains the same across the board, an individual's inpatient drug treatment experience will be unique.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment

Inpatient drug treatment provides individuals with support and care 24-hours a day in various medically supervised treatment facilities. During inpatient treatment individuals will be provided with the opportunity to solely focus on achieving and maintaining sobriety without any distractions. Individuals are provided with a structured treatment and a structured schedule, a typical day in inpatient rehab is typically fully planned out. A typical day in inpatient treatment tends to involve engagement in treatment, counseling, and other healthy activities. Being as though inpatient drug rehab requires individuals to reside on site, this form of treatment is has been sown to be highly effective in treating even the most severe addictions. With inpatient drug treatment, individuals have an increased chance of successfully achieving and maintain sobriety long term.

Inpatient Drug Treatment vs. Outpatient Drug Treatment

Although treatment in both settings can be beneficial, there are advantages and disadvantages to both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment.

Advantages of inpatient drug treatment include:

  • 24/7 medical supervision and care
  • A safe, drug and alcohol free environment to recover in
  • Easy access to professional treatment and resources

Advantages of outpatient drug treatment

  • Individuals are not required to reside in a treatment facility
  • Shorter duration of treatment than inpatient treatment
  • Less expensive than inpatient drug treatment
  • Greater social support
  • The ability to still attend work and/or school
  • The opportunity to still function in day to day living while being treated

Disadvantages of inpatient drug treatment

  • Relatively higher cost than outpatient drug treatment
  • Inability to still engage in day to day activities
  • Requirement to reside in a treatment facility

Disadvantages of outpatient drug treatment:

  • Increased risk for relapse due to easy access to drugs and alcohol
  • Failure to complete detox due to missed treatment sessions and etc.
  • No supervision

When enrolling in treatment, there are many factors to take into consideration. Nonetheless, you should always choose the setting which will yield the best treatment outcomes. While outpatient treatment may be very effective, it may not be best suited for you, and vice versa. The ultimate goal of treatment is to achieve a successful recovery and it can be difficult to recover if your treatment is not well planned.

Does Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment

Are you or your loved one wondering, does insurance cover inpatient treatment? This answer will vary based upon your insurance coverage plan. Insurance policies tend to vary in the treatment services they will cover. In some instances some insurance companies will pay the full cost of treatment, and in other instances they will only pay a partial amount. For those who do not have insurance or have insurance that does not provide coverage for treatment costs, there are other options. Most treatment facilities will accept other forms of payment and payment plans, some facilities offer free services or grants to help cover costs. Call Drug Rehab Centers Albany now at 518-626-8506 to speak with a representative about how to get started with treatment, payment options as well as finding a facility that best fits your needs.

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